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Behind the Rankings: 2018 Week 3

A new feature to FPN is what we call “Behind the Rankings.” As a staff, we will offer some explanation and reasoning as to where people rank. Our team understands that people have options when it comes to rankings, but what makes our rankings different is that movement will occur on a weekly basis. Those of you who follow the traditional rankings are accustomed to little to no change within those rankings. FPN rankings show more movement than what is out there. Therefore we think that offering some rationale would be appropriate.

Week three of the college season did not disappoint. Although we do not have a new number one, more on that in a minute, there was plenty of movement in the top 10, and several new teams worked their way into the rankings.

Florida: The Gators retain the top spot despite having the one loss. Many will wonder why Washington, who is undefeated, did not overtake them? The simple answer is that Florida did nothing to fall from the top spot this week. Although...

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