"> Three Easy Ways to Become a Better Fielder in Softball
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3 Easy Ways to Become a Better Fielder

It can be argued that defense wins games in softball. The teams who are still standing at the end of tournaments are usually the ones who have solid pitching and defense, along with the ability to score runs. When teams have a dominant pitcher in the circle with a defense behind her that can make plays, this takes the pressure off of the offense. Runs are precious in softball and sometimes one run is enough if the pitching and the defense are on that day.

Fielding practice in softball is often overlooked. It is common for coaches to get too caught up in a team’s ability to hit/score runs and they will schedule practices around the offense. Hitting position players a few ground and fly balls each at practice during full-team defense isn’t going to benefit the fielders. The reps become even less on game days due to lack of warm up space and time is crunched. Most coaches would rather spend game day warm-up time on hitting.

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