"> 3 Easy Ways to Become a Better Hitter
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3 Easy Ways to Become a Better Hitter

The offensive side of softball is just as important as the defensive one. Teams must come together on the offensive side and manufacture and produce runs, in order to outscore their opponent to secure the win. Hitting is a special craft of its own. There will be good days and bad days on the offensive side, but at the end of the day, the players who step in the box with a gritty attitude and have productive at bats, will be the ones on the line-up card on game days.

The offensive side of softball has evolved over the years with advanced bat technologies, multiple products sold, new balls used, and pitching distance changes throughout the age groups. All of these changes were implemented to benefit the hitter. Every softball hitter will experience a slump or a time where their offensive game is stalled. Others will struggle with making adjustments in game vs. practice settings. Then there is the handful of hitters who want it so bad, put in the extra work, but are just unable to hit ...

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