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3 Easy Ways to Correct Pitching Mechanics

Softball pitchers will be correcting and maintaining their pitching mechanics throughout their entire career. Even the most advanced pitchers at the highest level have to continue thinking about perfecting and maintaining mechanics. If a pitcher doesn’t stay up on her mechanics, they will begin to deteriorate, and their form, speed, and movement on pitches will be lost.

It’s important that pitchers, especially during the off-season months, spend time breaking down their form and focus on proper mechanics. If you take a picture of any pitcher at the beginning of a season and another at the end, then compare the two, you will be able to spot many mechanical differences from start to finish. This is because games destroy pitching form, no matter how many hours a pitcher puts in perfecting the form. When pitchers throw in games, they aren’t focused on form, but instead doing whatever it takes to execute the pitch called.

Below are three easy ways to correct pitching mechanics during or after the season.

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