"> 3 Ways to Keep a Busy Student-Athlete Active and Healthy
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3 Ways to Keep a Busy Student-Athlete Active and Healthy

Being a student-athlete can be challenging at times. Middle school and high school student-athletes are required to perform in the classroom as well as on the playing field. Many of these student-athletes are even involved in more than one sport or co-curricular activity. Seasons are bound to overlap because most sports are offered and advertised as year-round commitments. With added pressure from parents, many of these athletes are taking Advanced Placement and Honors courses in school to pad the transcript and to acquire college credit early. Then there are the after school commitments such as band, leadership clubs, and National Honor Society.

Cutting back and prioritizing sports and school-related activities won’t happen until student-athletes reach their junior or senior year of high school. When student-athletes approach those years in school, they will have a better idea of where they will be attending college and which sport they will be taking place in while they are there – if any.

Parents, it is more than okay to get your kids involved in anything and everything, in fact, it is encouraged. Multi-sport and activity involvement will broaden any student and athlete’s horizon if the right steps are taken to balance it all out. If parents and kids can have open communication and stay on the same page regarding school, sports, and other activities, there won’t be as much pressure or stress on the kid. Once a child expresses stress or exhaustion brought on by being involved in too many activities, that’s when the breaks should be pumped. Kids, it’s important to use your voice and not be afraid of disappointing your parents if you feel overwhelmed by being involved in too much.

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