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5 Tips for Proper Throwing Mechanics

Proper throwing mechanics are important to have as a growing softball player to be not only effective but stay injury-free. It’s also hard to defeat teams and make outs if you can’t successfully field and throw the ball accurately. Defense is a crucial aspect of helping out your team get up to bat faster, prevent runs, and back up your pitcher after she works hard on the mound to do her job. We are going to look at some ways that could help you achieve a strong softball throw with good mechanics.


This is the transition point from fielding to throwing. After properly fielding the ball with it comfortably in your glove, you should be in the process of bringing your hands to the middle of your chest to start your throwing. Your “lead” shoulder on your glove side should be pointed directly at your target, feet shoulder width apart, with a slight bend in the knee. This is where it is important to be balanced so you can have an accurate throw and have the proper grip on the ball. Depending on how big your hands are, two or three should go across the wide part of the seams with your thumb supporting the ball underneath.

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