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5 Ways to Stand Out at a Softball Tryout

Most softball teams who participate in club ball will hold their tryouts for the following year after the conclusion of the summer season before fall ball starts. Community-based organizations are also following suit in an attempt to keep the teams together for longer and to grow and develop through the fall and winter months before the next summer season kicks off.

Trying out for a new team for the first time can be intimidating. Most tryouts will have evaluators standing around with clipboards and take notes on the participating players. Depending on the club or association, it is common that each player will be assigned a bib with a number on it. Some of the bibs may be different colors, separating the players into groups.

To the evaluators, coaches, and spectators watching, each player is merely a color and a number. It’s up to the players to find a way to stand out on their own. Below are five ways that players can stand out at an upcoming softball tryout.

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