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Basic Fundamentals Never Go Away in Softball

It’s critical that softball coaches take the time in practice to go over fundamentals with players. Fundamentals are typically introduced and taught at the 8U and 10U playing levels, but they don’t stop there. When players make it to college, fundamental drills are executed and completed at almost every practice. Fundamentals allow the athlete to develop and maintain skills with muscle memory for an extended period.

Each position on the softball field is going to require different skills to be mastered. Below are defensive positions and basic fundamental practice drills that can be implemented and completed before or during a full team practice.

Pitchers: It’s important that pitchers take the time to break down their pitches and go through a warm-up progression for all of them that focuses on proper drill form. When pitchers throw in games, their focus is on delivering a strike and their mechanics begin to deteriorate over time. Encourage your pitcher to spend more time on her form and spins in practice. This will create muscle memory and proper form that will carry over into games. Five common warm-up drills for pitchers are: wrist flicks, T’s, K’s, kneeling arm circles, and standing arm circles. Each drill should be practiced on a power line and the pitcher should be in the open position.

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