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Pitching Pointers: Back to the Basics

The summer softball season has officially come to an end. If you are a softball pitcher, there is a good chance you may have developed a bad habit or two. This is common as pitchers throw in more games than have practice time in the summer months. When pitchers throw in game after game, the mechanics and form begin to deteriorate. It’s important that after the summer season concludes, pitchers go back to the basics and spend time on drill work and form.

Line the Ball: Always practice pitching with a lined ball. This goes for overhand throwing as well. Put a piece of electrical tape across the “C” grip for overhand throws and fastballs. Other movement pitches may require the line to run across the “Two-seam.” It’s important to have an extra ball handy if this is the case. Lining the ball helps a softball pitcher with three things. It sets up the correct grip for every pitch, it tells the pitcher and the catcher if the pitcher produced the proper spin on the pitch, and if the line on the ball stays lined up with the Powerline on the ground, the pitch will go straight and have a better chance of being a strike.

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