"> Pitching Pointers: Revisiting the Powerline
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Pitching Pointers: Revisiting the Powerline

The Powerline is the most important pitching tool when it comes to a softball pitcher throwing strikes. For those unfamiliar, the Powerline is an imaginary line that runs from the center of the pitching mound and continues all the way to the center of home plate. Pitchers at every age should learn, know, and use the Powerline every time they step on the mound.

There are many ways to replicate the Powerline on the ground during practices. For pitchers who practice outside, it is encouraged to draw a line in the dirt for all of the drills a pitcher completes leading up to her full pitch. Once the pitcher moves back to throw the full pitch, there should already be a Powerline from the drills. If pitcher’s practice throwing indoors, try to acquire a pitching mat with a line on it, or get creative and use some tape.

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