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Pitching Pointers: The Benefits of Distance Pitching

Image by Dina Kwit

Distance Pitching Benefits softball pitchers at all levels.

10U Pitching Distance: 35 feet

12U Pitching Distance: 40 feet

14U-18U Pitching Distance: 43 feet

College and Professional Distance: 43 feet

One of the most challenging adjustments pitchers face in their development process is the change in pitching distance as they move up in age groups. Arguably the most challenging and frustrating jump is from 10U pitching at 35 feet to 12U’s looming 40 feet. It is the biggest jump distance wise going from age group to age group and as if that wasn’t hard enough, let’s increase ball size on them too. The 10U group plays with an 11” size softball while all of the other age groups use a 12”. Often times that first year of 12U is a tough one due to the five feet further back and the bigger ball. Sometimes it takes a year for the hand and fingers to adjust and grow, to be able to hold the ball comfortably again like they were used to.

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