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3 Reasons Why it’s Important Take Advantage of Fall Softball

The fall softball season is very different than what takes place in the summer. The fall season is half the length of the summer season, also practice and travel are minimal for teams at the association levels. Club and premier programs will spend their fall seasons traveling to showcases and a few out of state tournaments where college coaches will be watching. At the younger levels, fall ball may be used for developmental purposes. Players will move up in age groups and they will be taking the field with new players, some who may have played on lower teams in the previous summer.

The purpose of fall ball is to continue developing current players and introduce new players to the game. Even though it may not be as competitive as summer ball at the lower levels, playing fall ball is beneficial and should be taken advantage of. Below are three ways for parents and players to have an optimistic view and why it’s important to take advantage of fall ball.

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