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3 Signs of Softball Burn Out

The fall softball season is underway all across the country. The fall season picks up right after the conclusion of the summer season, with many teams only having a less than two-week turn around. Some programs had an even smaller break and got into practices in a week. Softball has drastically changed over the years. It is now advertised as a year-long sport whereas about ten years ago, teams came together for summer and fall ball only. Now the season is a year round one, with all of the winter training on top of dome ball games and tournaments.

It is common for softball players to experience feelings of burning out, especially the younger kids who are newly committed to playing year round. Softball is a time demanding sport where just going to team practices and games won’t cut it. Softball players need to practice on their own time too. This gets complicated for players who are involved in multiple off-season sports. Parents may find their kid has something sport related every night of the week during the winter months. They could have hockey, basketball, volleyball, or swimming practice two nights a week with softball off-season training or practices the other nights. Then don’t forget about basketball or volleyball tournaments all day on Saturday and softball dome double headers on Sunday. Some youth athletes are lucky if they can squeeze in one off-night a week.

Below are three signs of an athlete who may be experiencing burning out.

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