"> 3 Ways Catchers Can Improve Their Craft Outside of Games
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3 Ways Catchers Can Improve Their Craft Outside of Games

There are nine positions on the softball field. The pitcher is guaranteed to touch the ball every single pitch. The next position that sees the most action is the catcher behind the plate. The pitcher and the catcher are often referred to as the battery in softball. When a pitcher and a catcher step on the field together, they play an essential role. All eyes will be on them, from the fans to the opposing players in the dugout, to their teammates behind them on the field. Pitchers and catchers must be in sync and work together when they step on the field.

The relationship between a pitcher and a catcher is based on trust. This trust is developed on the field in games, in the bullpen, at team practices, as well as off the field. Just as pitchers are expected to put in additional practice outside of with the team, catchers are expected to do the same. The battery works best when both units put in time, energy, and additional practice to perfect their craft. After all, they will see the most live action on game days.

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