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3 Ways to Handle Game Day Frustrations in Softball

There will come a time in every softball player, coach, or parent fan career when game day frustrations manifest and take over. No matter how many positive self-talks you give or receive from an outside party, the negative emotions will win. Softball players, coaches, and parents are competitive by nature. This sport is driven by passion and when we are passionate about something, we hold it near and dear to us.

It is impossible for everything to go the way we want it to in softball. There are just too many uncontrollable outside factors. Even if a hitter executes a perfect swing, the pitcher may deliver the pitch just out of reach to where the hitter can’t make complete contact. On the opposite side, a pitcher may deliver a near-perfect pitch and the hitter gets lucky. Then there are the umpires who are just as human and will make game-changing calls, not in your team’s favor.

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