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College Coaches Recruit Parents Too

College coaches don’t just pay attention to the players on the field when they are out recruiting; they are also keeping eyes and ears on the parents in the stands. Parents play a significant role in a softball players development on the field, in the classroom, and in other areas of life. Even without meeting a player, a college coach can learn a lot by watching the player compete on the field and by profiling or studying her parents in the stands.

There are many different types of softball parents. There are the quiet ones who don’t say much and who attend games to enjoy a day at the ballpark and to watch their daughter play. There is another group of parents who are positive and cheer and encourage. Then some parents try to coach their kids from the stands; these parents are usually the ones who will yell things at the umpires and coaches from the sidelines as well.

College coaches will typically take note of the last category of parents listed, just as anyone would. These parents make it a point to draw attention to themselves. Not only are these parents drawing attention to themselves, but they are also taking attention away from their kid.

College coaches may be quick to write off a player who has a loud mouth parent. More often than not, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Even if this isn’t necessarily always the case, it’s easy to make the assumption. If a parent is getting worked up over a travel or club ball game, imagine how they will be in a college conference championship matchup. College softball games are a friendly and fun experience for spectators; nobody wants a loud negative mouth in the stands distracting everyone from the game.

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