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College Softball Recruiting: Run at Your Own Pace

It can be easy to get wrapped up in the college recruiting process. Every year college softball teams will filter out another class of seniors and there will be room on the team roster to add a few more. Early recruiting is becoming more and more common in the softball world and it is not uncommon for athletes in middle school to give a verbal to a University. There are many risks associated with an early verbal, and keep in mind, a verbal does not always make it official. If you are a high school softball player who hasn’t found the right college fit quite yet, you still have time. Everyone moves through the college recruiting process at their own pace.

It’s important for softball players not to get caught up in what they think everyone else is doing. “An 8th grader verballed to (blank) this week.” As a parent and player, it’s easy to hear something like this and wonder why your daughter hasn’t been given the opportunity yet. Below is a recommended checklist to follow through the college recruiting process. Keep in mind while going through it that there is no rush and everyone runs at their own pace.

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