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Does Having More Pitches Make You Better?

The pitching debate continues, are pitchers considered to be more successful if they have more pitch options than others? There are a handful of pitches that softball pitchers can learn and master. Almost every pitcher is going to start off by being introduced to a fastball. The next pitch should always be a changeup or some off-speed pitch to throw off the hitters timing. After that, there are curveballs, screwballs, drop balls, rise balls, and mix match variations of those pitches like an off-speed curve or a drop-curve. Some may argue that off-speed pitches don’t count as additional pitches but to each their own.

What makes a softball pitcher successful? The most successful college pitchers are the ones who can hit their spots consistently in the river, throw an off-speed pitch, have speed behind their ball, and maybe a third or fourth pitch option for setting up and strike out purposes. You don’t need to throw every pitch available to be a successful softball pitcher. The pitchers who are the most successful are the ones who take one pitch at a time, learn it, practice it, and then eventually master it after hours and hours of repetition.

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