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Goal Setting in Softball

Goal setting is very common and extremely beneficial to softball players and teams. There are many types of goals that can be set in our sport. There are individual and team practice goals, game goals, and overall season goals. The teams and athletes who make time for goal setting and re-visit these goals throughout the season will remain focused on the end goal.

The end goal for most teams is to win a championship. It’s important for teams to establish an end goal at the beginning of the season. Once a team season goal or end goal is established, it’s then important to set stepping stone goals that need to be made to reach that goal. There is nothing more special or rewarding than being part of a team and working together day in and day out with a group of women who are all fighting to achieve the same goal.

Once team goals are set, which I would recommend doing first, then move to individual goals. Each player is going to have different individual goals. This is because each player and positon in softball demand different skill sets and work ethics. Some positions may require more individual repetition and outside practice than others.  It’s important for players to have their own individual goals that they are working on, outside of team goals. Individual goals also help players stay focused on the task at hand, as well as push them to be better themselves. When each player is working to be their best, the team as a whole will become stronger.

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