"> How to Break Bad Pitching Habits in Softball
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How to Break Bad Pitching Habits

The summer softball season has come to an end, which means fall ball is right around the corner. After the conclusion of the summer season, tryouts are held for club ball teams, and the younger age groups will be assigned to their fall travel teams. Coming right off a summer season can be a challenge for softball pitchers. Summer season is full of games and can be limited in practice time, especially individual pitching practice.

Pitching in a game is very different than pitching in practice or at a pitching lesson. In games, a pitcher’s primary job is to throw strikes across the plate. Individual pitching practices and lessons are the time and place for pitchers to work on drills and mechanics. By the end of a long summer season, a pitcher’s mechanics will look completely different than they did at the beginning. When pitcher’s get tired, their mechanics and form are the first things to go.

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