"> How to Build Confidence On and Off the Softball Field
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How to Build Confidence On and Off the Softball Field

Confidence is a fundamental component to a softball player’s success on and off the field. If a player lacks confidence, it will be hard for her to reach her full potential in the sport of softball and in everything else she is involved in outside of the diamond.

Softball is a game full of failure. It’s important for players to be taught and learn at a young age that you will likely fail more than you will succeed in this sport. There hasn’t been a single player in history to record a perfect batting average, throw a perfect game every time, steal every base, never make an error, etc. Failure is going to happen over and over again.

Just like in any team sport, there are many variables in softball that are outside of the player's control. Players have control over themselves; how they act and react to the curve balls, the game will throw at them. A player’s confidence is built on how they view themselves, and it is quite common for that confidence to diminish when players do not perform. It is okay to be disappointed based on an outcome; it is not good to lose and lack confidence.

Below are three tips to help build a softball players confidence on and off the field.

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