"> If You Can Hit, You Will Play, Including Pitchers!
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If You Can Hit, You Will Play, Including Pitchers!

Offense is a crucial element to the game of softball. As players get older and reach the more advanced levels, the top nine hitters on the team will fill the spots in the batting lineup. A common question asked is, “do pitchers hit in college and beyond?” My answer and the answer that most college coaches who create the hitting lineup will give is, if you can hit, you will play. This even includes pitchers who prove they are a top-nine hitter on their team’s roster. While some college coaches allow their pitchers to bat, others may not.

Some college coaches don’t believe in letting pitchers bat because of a few reasons. First, pitchers have enough to worry about on the mound and in pitching practices, that it may be difficult to find time to do both. This usually occurs when the team relies on the pitcher as an ace who will be expected to hurl a high amount of innings. Second, like any player that steps into the box, pitchers who hit increase their chance of injury. It only takes on...

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