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How Much Should Pitchers Throw in the Off-Season?

Softball pitching is a unique craft that needs to be continued and maintained with time and practice in the off-season months. Even if the team your pitcher plays on doesn’t do anything together in the off-season months, it’s important that pitchers get reps in. Pitchers can practice off-season pitching in several different ways. One way is individual practices with a catcher or a parent catcher. A second approach is through pitching lessons or pitching camps and clinics. A third way is participating in winter dome ball or outdoor games depending which state the pitcher lives in. Another way is going to a batting cage, grabbing a catcher and teammate who wants to take some swings and throw live at-bats to the hitter- pitching behind a net is recommended.

We have written about it in the past, and we stand behind the phrase, “Champions are made in the off-season.” This saying rings true to all softball players and their positions, especially softball pitchers. The pitchers who put in additional time in the off-season to improve and perfect their craft will be the ones who find success on the mound the following season. Every time players step into a practice setting in the off-season months is going to put them one percentage or step ahead of the competition in the season to come.

So how much should pitchers throw in the off-season? Time and finding a space to throw is going to vary among pitchers, especially those at different age levels. Younger players are likely involved in other winter sports and activities and will pitch less in the winter months. This is more than okay, and we believe it’s important for younger players to have multiple sport and activity outlets while they are young. The older pitchers, at the high school level and those who will go on and play in college, will be expected to throw more in the off-season.

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