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Pitching Pointers: The Drive Position

Nine times out of ten when you ask a softball pitcher what they want to get better at, the most common answer is to learn how to throw harder. Everyone knows that the majority of a pitcher’s speed comes from the legs. The arm speed and whip are important too, but speed requires much more effort from the legs. Teaching speed is not an easy concept. Most pitchers have had coaches or parents who like to use the phrase, “use your legs”. It is much easier said than done and if it’s not understood by the pitcher, chances are it won’t happen.

The drive position in a pitcher’s motion is the key to using legs and gaining speed. Every single pitcher has a drive position, however, some utilize it more than others. That is why many pitchers throw at different speeds. The drive position happens at the end of the pitcher’s pre-motion right before she pushes off the mound towards the catcher. The drive position in pitching is very similar to a track runner who is about to sprint forward. In order to explode out of the start line, or off the pitching mound, a few things need to happen.

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