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Pitching Pointers: Throwing to Spots

There are multiple ways that softball pitchers can successfully throw to spots. For those unfamiliar, there are five spots pitchers can throw to. These spots include the low inside corner, the high inside corner, the low outside corner, the high outside corner, and right down the middle. As pitchers get older, it is suggested to avoid throwing down the middle of the plate and focus on the other four spots to get the batter out. It is also encouraged that beginner, and younger pitchers focus solely on throwing strikes down the middle of the plate and master mechanics before attempting spots.

Before talking about the four corners, let’s revisit how to throw a strike down the middle of the plate. The Powerline is an imaginary line that runs from the center of the pitching mound and extends all the way to the middle of home plate. For a pitcher to deliver a strike down the middle, a few different things need to happen. First, the pitcher must go into her pitch and attempt to step on and line her toes up on the Powerline. While the pitcher is in mid-pitch, she should also try to keep the ball lined up on the line as well. If the pitcher can find her release point by her back hip, keep her toes and the ball lined up on the line, her chances of throwing a strike right down the middle are very likely.

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