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Pitching Tips: The More Catchers the Merrier

Every pitcher has a favorite catcher. Whether its mom or dad on a bucket or a catcher on your team, every pitcher has a catcher that they are comfortable throwing to. It’s important that pitchers make a conscious effort to get familiar with different catchers behind the plate. Mom or dad on a bucket won’t be behind the plate on game days and there will come a time when your favorite teammate catcher won’t be filling in behind the dish for you.

Pitchers thrive when they are within the boundaries of their comfort zone. When a pitcher and catcher are in sync, magic happens on the softball diamond. There will come a time when pitchers are faced with the challenge of throwing to a new catcher. Just as every pitcher is different, the same goes for catchers. Catchers come in different shapes and sizes. There are multiple ways to teach catching, therefore catchers may set up, receive, and frame the ball differently.

It doesn’t matter who is behind the plate when a pitcher takes the mound. Half the battle is mental and adjusting to the change. The pitcher’s mentality and approach should never change based on who is catching behind the plate. Even if the catcher sets up differently to receive the pitch to the desired spot, the pitcher should still be able to hit the target or get close.

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