"> Are You Ready For Game Day? Trust Your Off-Season Prep
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Are You Ready For Game Day? Trust Your Off-Season Prep

There is much more that goes into teams being ready to go on game days than just showing up to the field. Teams who show up and expect to win often will come up short. The teams who practice their skills and craft throughout the long off-season months, who focus on the mental part of the game, and who become a close-knit unit off the field, are more likely to find success when they step between the lines on game days.

Team prep for games can be much easier to achieve than individual prep. There are nine positions on the softball field when a team is on defense. Each position is going to require different amounts of practice and skill reps by the athletes. Pitchers are going to need more work in the off-season to improve and maintain skills and pitching endurance. Infielders may require extra work on short hops when they get back out on the dirt. It can be hard for athletes to find space and time to practice the amount they need to be successful on game days.

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