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Revolutionary Recruiting Technology That Creates a Competitive Advantage


College coaches are always looking for a competitive edge in recruiting. SportsBoard, an innovative tech company based in Sausalito, California, has created technology to give coaches that real edge.

Partnering with Premier Girls FastPitch and Diamond 9, SportsBoard offers its player assessment tool so that college coaches can plan for recruiting tournaments in minutes, ditch the heavy booklets and recruit 100% digitally. With digital data, coaches can immediately share data with their staff and update their recruiting/compliance database.

In today’s world, time is money and reducing dependency on paper can accelerate decision-making and eliminate time spent performing specific, often mundane, tasks. SportsBoard CEO/Founder Gregg Jacobs said “coaches can make better decisions faster from every recruiting trip by using SportsBoard to capture more data (notes, video and testing data) and share it with their staffs.”

How It Works. SportsBoard allows coaches to create written or typed notes, voice memos and even break down player tendencies, all with a few touches to the app. Coaches can even tag players with video clips so that other coaches not at the tournament can see, for example, a pitcher’s motion, a hitter’s swing or a fielder’s technique.

SportsBoard also improves how recruits are organized and tracked. Coaches can use color codes to appropriately identify players and place them in pools. Yellow may mean “potential recruit” while blue may indicate a “targeted player” actively being recruited. A coach can also mark those players who have already committed.

Another unique and useful feature is the ability to rate player skills. Combine that with detailed notes, video and voice recordings, and a coach can really get a better sense of how a player may fit into their program. All of these options save head coaches and their assistants time and money.

Who Can Benefit from SportsBoard? Michigan State Softball Coach Jacquie Joseph is one of more than 20 college coaches who use SportsBoard’s app on the recruiting trail.
“We use SportsBoard as the place we house all of our recruits’ vital information,” she said. “Having all of our data in one place makes it so much easier for our staff to work together and make better decisions about next steps with each recruit.”

SportsBoard is not only for the “power” or “elite” programs. In fact, the company’s impact on smaller programs may be even greater because they have smaller staffs and need SportsBoard’s technology to organize, evaluate and track a larger pool of potential recruits.

Ultimately, recruiting is a business. College coaches invest their time, energy, recruiting budget and lastly, scholarships in hopes of producing the best team. In today’s mobile, digital world, SportsBoard is doing its part to help college coaches run their programs like a business. And while SportsBoard may not magically turn a program into a national power, it can certainly give them an edge on their competition.

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