"> Bench Players Win Championships in Softball
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Bench Players Win Championships in Softball

Image by: Dina Kwit, Chicago Bandits 

There are many different roles in the game of softball. There are nine positions on the field and each position requires different knowledge and responsibilities to be executed by the player filling that spot. You will rarely see exactly nine players on a roster. The average community and club ball roster will carry 12 to 13 players. College teams carry an average of 22 players. If the designated player (DP) role is used, 10 positions are then filled, and that means 12 players sit the bench every game at the college level. Just like how players are responsible for their role in the field, there is also a role being fulfilled by the players in the dugout on the bench. The role of a bench player is often times extremely overlooked. If the bench players buy into their role, their position can make a huge impact not only on the team as a whole but on the outcome of the game.

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