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What Age Should Softball Pitchers Start Pitching?

The pitcher position is one of the most sought after on the softball playing field. Like all other eight positions, the pitcher serves an important role on the field and among the team. Teams with strong pitching have a greater chance to win on game days. A common question asked by parents and coaches is, “at what age should softball pitchers start pitching?” Some people believe that the earlier the pitcher starts pitching the better. Others will argue that starting too young will have a negative impact and waiting until the pitcher is a little older is the way to go.

The majority of softball pitchers will begin their pitching careers at the 10U age level. Most of the time, it’s not a voluntary choice by the pitcher. Think back to your 10U playing or coaching days. It was not uncommon for coaches to line up every player on the team and have them pitch balls into a wall or a fence to evaluate who the team pitchers would be. This is how I was selected to represent my team in the circl...

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