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What is My Next Pitch? Trust the Process

In softball, the first pitch a pitcher must learn, and master is a fastball. It doesn’t matter if your pitcher attends a clinic or an individual instructed lesson, the first pitch she will ever learn is the fastball. Along with the fastball basics comes the proper body positioning and the powerline. The powerline is the imaginary line that runs from the center of the pitcher’s mound on the ground and travels all the way to the middle of home plate. The powerline is extremely important to the fastball, mechanics, spotting pitches, and future movement pitches.

Pitchers learn and develop at different paces, and every pitcher is on her own pitching journey. It can be easy to measure yourself up against another pitcher. Try not to get caught up in this, I know it’s much easier said than done. Every pitcher wants to be the best; it’s in a pitcher’s nature to work hard, compete, and strive for perfection or greatness. Keep in mind that every single pitcher when they begin, start with a fastball. The next pitch learned should be a changeup or some off-speed pitch that will throw off the hitters timing.

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