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What Should My Next Pitch Be?

Feature image by: Tom Schreder

Pitchers are eager, determined, and quick to learn by nature. Every single pitcher will start their pitching career by learning a Fastball. The fastball needs to be learned and mastered first because of a few reasons. First, pitchers need to master the correct body mechanics of pitching, and the fastball does an excellent job of allowing a pitcher to feel and understand the movements of her body. Second, the number one job of a pitcher is to throw strikes. The fastball motion and release point is setting the pitcher up on the Powerline, which connects to the center of home plate. Mastering fastballs on the Powerline will lead to accuracy and strikes. Finally, each additional pitch a pitcher learns is based on the fastball mechanics and the powerline.

After pitchers have a handle on the fastball and their body mechanics, the second most important pitch a pitcher will need to learn to throw is the change up. A change up is a pitch that is slower than the fastball. The purpose of the change up is to throw off the hitters timing and to keep them off balanced. Any hitter can catch up to speed; it just may take a few at bats for the hitter to make her adjustment to the fastball. The best pitchers in the college game today are the ones who have command of their hard throwing pitch and a great change up.

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