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You Play Like You Practice in Softball

Have you ever heard a coach use the saying, “you play like you practice?” That statement couldn’t be truer in the sport of softball. The entire game of softball is based on repetition, quality repetition to be more specific. At times it can be easy to go through the motions, this often happens when practices or games get long, or the athlete gets mentally tired.

Team and players improve in practice; therefore, it is important to get the most out of those practices to maximize the return. Every softball player will play how they practice.

“I will do it in a game,” this is also a common phrase used by young softball players who run out of focus or patience at practice. This statement couldn’t’ be more false, and it’s important to stress to players, especially the young ones, the importance of practice and doing things the correct way because it will carry over to games. Not only do players develop physical skills at practice, but they also learn about the game, their teammates, the...

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