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AthPro360 Testing: Hitting Metrics and Terms

AthPro360 tests a multitude of different aspects of every athlete’s game. We will be taking a closer look at these tested metrics, why they are important, and how you can work to improve.

“Pre-Impact + Exit Speed + Launch Angle = Success”

Hitting terms and teachings always seem to be evolving as technology and research develops. The big “buzz words” right now include things like “exit velocity” and “launch angle”; but do you know what these things actually mean?

AthPro360 tests each of these crucial measurements and has provided a breakdown of these key elements below.

Pre-Impact Speed:
Measures the velocity of the bat barrel in miles per hour (MPH) from the start of the swing to contact with the ball bat impacts the ball. This measure is directly correlated to a player’s strength, technique, and weight of the bat.

Ball Exit Speed/Exit Velocity:
Measures the velocity of the ball in miles per hour (MPH) after it has been hit by the bat. This is the direct measure behind the power of a ball coming off a bat. Every 1 MPH increase on a well hit rising line drive will give the ball an added 3.5 feet of travel distance. So hitting a ball off a tee (zero pitch speed) with a 60 mph bat speed should result in a 66 mph exit speed. Negative exit to bat speed results are not optimal for hitting with power.

Launch Angle:
Represents the vertical angle at which the ball leaves a player’s bat after being struck.

Batted Ball Distance: 
Is calculated using Exit Speed and an assumed launch angle of 25° (line drive). Accounts for the effects of air drag, ball spin, and wind. Every 1 MPH on a well hit line drive will give the ball an added 3.3 feet in distance (4.5 feet for baseball)

Expected Exit Speed: 
Is calculated using Pre-Impact Speed and collision efficiency of the bat. Comparing actual Exit Speed to the Expected Exit Speed will show a player’s ability to effectively hit the ball.

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