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How to Catch a College Coaches Eye in Summer Softball

Summer ball is in full swing all across the country. At the club and premiere levels, teams will be heading to out of state tournaments and showcases to compete at the highest levels. College coaches will be in attendance at most of these tournaments and showcase's scouting out new talent to fill their future roster spots.

It can be nerve-wracking for players who haven’t played in front of college coaches before. My advice to team coaches and parents, don’t make it a big deal. College coaches will be dressed in their college gear but they will also blend in with the fans in the stands. Try not to draw attention to them and keep your players focused on the game, as they have enough to worry about in front of them. Keep the players focused on the task at hand and let them play.

Just because a college coach is in the stands, doesn’t mean players have to hit a home run or make a SportsCenter Top 10 play to get noticed. College coaches enjoy watching players with talent, but they ...

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