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Club Spotlight: NY BlueFire Fastpitch 2006 Black

The New York BlueFire Fastpitch 2006 Black team has been producing “competitive and respectful teams throughout Long Island and beyond.” Finishing the 10U season very successfully in 2017, they learned the importance of the rules. In turn, they gained a better understanding of their job responsibilities and started to play well together. Ending the 2017 season with a team motto, “until the last out,” the team had built a love for the game.

2018 was a building year as the team entered the 12U division. With a bigger ball and the rubber back at 40 feet, the team knew they needed to make adjustments as well as develop more as pitchers. The NY BlueFire Black is a bit better on the offensive as they can also bunt, steal, and have been perfecting a hit-and-run. Having depth in the lineup at the plate, some players in the middle of the batting order drove the ball.

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