"> The Importance of a Routine in Softball
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The Importance of a Routine in Softball

A routine is a sequence of actions that is regularly followed. The game of softball is full of routines and they are a critical piece to a player’s success on the field. Many athletes don’t even realize they are doing a routine until it is brought to their attention. Routines serve many purposes in the game of softball and are different based on the playing position. The main purpose of a routine is to mentally and physically prepare the players for the task at hand.

A softball player’s routine on game days is important. Whether you are up to bat, on the pitcher’s mound, in the field, or behind the plate, most players have a routine. Next time you watch a softball game on TV or in real time, pay attention to what the athletes do when they are between the lines. When a player is absorbed in her routine, she is zoned in, is mentally and physically prepared, and it will be hard to stop her from succeeding.

Routines develop over time and they can be practiced starting at a young ...

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