HS & Club Softball

Parent Coaches in Softball

It is very common at the youth association and travel ball levels to have a coaching staff full of parent volunteers. No one seems to have an issue with parent coaches at the youth levels because coaching isn’t a paid position. At the travel ball levels, parents and spectators will have some sort of issue with parent coaches. It’s impossible for any coach at any level to make everyone happy. It’s also easy to use a parent coach as a scapegoat because they are an easy target. “Parent coaches can’t possibly know what they are doing,” can be an easy remark or assumption made by an angry sideline parent or spectator.

Let’s take a step back for a minute. Most parent coaches get into coaching at the developmental levels because they have a background in the sport or they are the most knowledgeable out of the other candidates. Being a parent coach is a challenging task at any age level. It can be challenging to perform as a parent coach when parents and spectators are continually scrutinizing you on the sidelines, which most of the time have minimal background or knowledge of the game. These critics usually want to see their kid have more playing time and fulfill a more prominent role on the team.

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