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Why Pitchers and Catchers Should Call Games in Softball

Photo courtesy of Dina Kwit (Chicago Bandits)

This has been an argument for decades. Who should call the game, the coach or the pitcher and catcher? At the younger levels such as 10U, 12U and maybe into the first year of 14U coaches should be calling the games. But as pitchers and catchers get older, second year 14U+, these athletes know the game and are more than capable of calling pitches themselves.

Coaches like to be in control, especially the overly ambitious parent coaches whose daughter is in the circle performing for her team. These are the parents who have sat on the bucket catching for their daughters since they started pitching. Though these parents probably know their daughters pitching strength and weaknesses, they don’t necessarily know the game – the tendencies of the hitters, where batters are positioned in the box, the umpire's zone, etc...

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