HS & Club Softball

Position Specialization in Softball

There are nine positions on the softball field. A common question asked by parents and coaches is when players should begin to focus their attention on one position? It’s important that young players try out as many positions as they can when they get started. You never know how good your player may be at something until they give it a try. As players grow, learn, and develop they may find that they enjoy and are more successful at one or two positions.

If you ask a young player what position she plays, she may rattle off a short list of her favorite spots on the field. This list will become shorter once the player makes her way through the age groups. By the time a player reaches the high school level, she may only have one or two positions on her list. High school coaches are more likely to play the same players at the same positions on the field to build consistency in the short season. If you follow any college teams, pay attention to which players play where and how frequently. You will begin to notice that at the college level, it’s common that the only changes made game-after-game are to the batting order and the defensive positions will be more consistent.

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