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Recruiting Tips: 5 Questions a College Coach Might Ask- Part 1

Talking with college coaches as a young athlete can be very intimidating at first and takes preparation. This portion of the recruiting process is almost like a job interview, with the college coach asking the questions. It is important, especially when you are getting recruited as a high school student, that you have an understanding of the fundamental questions a coach might ask you. Many athletes think of talking to college coaches as scary, but that’s partly nerves and realizing the impact a coach can have on your future with one decision. But coaches are just doing their jobs. They’re making an investment as an employee of the University to field the best team possible with the budget supplied. Here are some sample questions a college coach might ask and some tips for answering them:

How are your grades? Have you taken the ACT/SAT?

Be honest. As for every question, a coach asks, be truthful but especially for this one. This will most likely be the first question asked by a coach because that’s the priority of the college they work for. Academics are number one, and a coach will find you unprepared if you’re unable to remember or lie about your GPA or test scores. However, if you’re struggling, the coaches like to hear that you have a plan in place to improve moving forward. Also, a coach is looking for a reliable player that won’t be struggling to stay eligible throughout the season. If the academic requirements are not met, the chances of you getting an athletic scholarship are very small.

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