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Recruiting Tips: 5 Questions a College Coach Might Ask- Part 2

Being prepared is the best advice for talking to a college coach. Let them know by having well thought out answers, that you are serious about playing at the next level and have thought about it before. Keep the conversation going, be polite, and have confidence. A coach is making that connection to help get to know you better as a person and player. If a college coach is contacting you, there’s a chance you’ve already caught their eye in a way they think would benefit their team. Here are some more sample questions a college coach might ask and tips on answering them:

What is your relationship with your current coach?

Your relationship with your current coach may be a deciding factor for a college looking to recruit you. This player-coach relationship is a good indication of how coachable you are and your overall attitude. Usually, if a college contacts a high school coach and there is hesitation from the high school coach, the college will back off. There’s nothing worse, especially in a team environment than an athlete who is difficult to coach. Also, it is not uncommon for a college coach to reach out and have a conversation with your current high school coach before even attempting to contact you personally. A proper recommendation and positive comments from your current coach can go a long way.

What are you looking for in a college and a softball program?

An athlete looking to play at a higher level needs to make sure to have a list of things they’re looking to get out of a college experience. Factors of the University to consider may be tuition, majors, location, religion-based, and overall culture of the school. As for a softball program, consider playing time, potential open positions, team culture, and coaching style. It is important to recognize that if college softball didn’t work out, would you still be happy at this school? It is your home for four years and where you’ll make a majority of your lifelong memories and friends. Don’t compromise yourself and sacrifice a value you hold important to go to a school you think is right. Don’t settle, make sure you put a lot of thought into making the right decision for yourself.

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