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The Benefits of Having Fall Softball Tryouts

The fall softball season is right around the corner after the conclusion of the national tournaments this past week. Most community programs hold their summer tryouts in the late winter months or early spring. The fall ball teams at the association levels are typically put together at random, by having coaches and board members come together and pick teams off the list of players who have signed up. The purpose of doing it this way is to help build and develop community teams equally. Most teams selected this way will have a mix of players of A, B, and C caliber. Once tryouts roll around in the spring, the teams will be formed based on where players rank at the tryout and by coach picks.

Once players reach the club level, tryouts will be held after the conclusion of the summer season and before the fall season starts. This way, teams can be formed and coaches and players can get to work. Once the teams are formed, this is how they will remain for the year. The teams will play fall ball, go through winter training, and compete in the summer together.

There are many benefits to having tryouts in the fall versus the spring. The list of benefits below applies to all age levels in softball.

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