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Transitioning Between Softball Age Levels

Every two years, softball players at the younger age levels will be required to transition to the next age group. Depending on when you start your 10U playing career, each player will complete two seasons at each age level. The age levels range in some states from 8U-18U, with 8U being considered as “in-house” and travel ball starting at 10U. With any transition comes an adjustment period for the player, parents, and coaches. There will be rule changes that will need to be learned and applied, different ball sizes used and further pitching distances. The transition into a new age level can be overwhelming at first, but after taking the time to learn, adjust and practice the differences, the player will settle in and be well on their way.

One of the most drastic changes comes in the transition from 10U to 12U. The ball size will go from an 11 inch to a 12-inch softball. Luckily that is where the ball size will remain for the remainder of the softball players career. Most players transitioning at this age level will need to invest in a bigger softball glove to make room for the bigger ball. It is also common that players and parents invest in a new bat as well, so they can cover more of the plate.

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