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What Your Team Should Look Like on Game Day

College and high school softball seasons are in full swing all across the country. This means summer softball is right around the corner. In a few weeks, the traveling and club softball teams will be taking the field for league games and weekend tournaments. Many of these teams have been practicing all off-season together and will be eager to take the field. It’s important that coaches, parents, and players meet before the season to go over expectations. The teams who establish a set of guidelines for accountability and who look the part will be the ones who limit distractions and keep their eyes on the prize throughout the season.

Uniforms: If you turn on any college game, or attend one in person, you will notice how sharp the uniforms look on game days. From the second the college players step out of their locker room on game day, their uniforms are tucked in, and their socks are pulled up. It’s important that teams look professional on game days. This should be an expectation upheld by players and coaches. When teams look professional, they will draw attention from opponents and college coaches. Teams who show up dressed the same, with their uniforms tucked in, and their socks in place look like they are ready to go and compete to get the job done.

Sprint: When softball players step onto the playing field, they should sprint at all times. This includes sprinting in warm-ups, on and off the field to positions, to the fence and back in between innings, to the bathroom, back to the dugout after striking out, etc. Teams who hustle at all times will raise the bar and again draw attention to themselves. Sprinting on and off the field helps to keep the game momentum in your team’s favor. If coaches enforce sprinting at all times to players at the younger levels, it will instill a habit and work ethic that the player will carry with them for the rest of their career.

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