2021 NCAA Softball Tournament Regional Previews Part I, DII Preview and Ryan Jacobs

Photo Courtesy of Nothern Iowa Athletics

In the first of a two-part episode of In The Circle, Eric Lopez and Victor Anderson preview the NCAA DI Tournament Regionals. Today they look at the Norman, Tucson, Tempe, Baton Rouge, Fayetteville, Lexington, Austin, and the Columbia Regionals. We also drop clips from some of the most prominent coaches in the game, including Mike White, Melyssa Lombardi, Mike Candrea, and Patty Gasso. We hear their thoughts on the seeding of the tournament and more.

Eric talks with Northern Iowa’s Head Coach Ryan Jacobs (47:13) about the Panthers season, making the field, and what it was like on Selection Night. Eric also talks with UNI’s Sammey Bunch (1:02.23) about what it will be like playing just an hour away from where she grew up. Bunch also discusses what it has been like handling all the attention she has gotten being a Top 25 National Player of Year finalist and more.

Also, in the episode, Victor previews the D2 NCAA Tournament.

Time Stamps for Each Regional

  • Norman 3:49
  • Austin 8:14 (White 9:30 and Lombardi 13:45)
  • Tucson 26:53  (Candrea 28:12)
  • Columbia 42:30 ( Anderson 43:30, Pinkerton 45:25, Jacobs 47:13, Bunch 1:02:24)
  • Tempe 1:17:46
  • Baton Rouge 1:21:17 (Beth Interview 1:21:52)
  • Fayetteville 1:26:23 (Diefel 1:26:42, Wood 1:28:04)
  • Lexington 1:37:05  (Lawson 1:38:17, Gumpf 1:39:11)

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