Our College Softball Season Preview Spectacular..In Bulk

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We have you covered like always on this episode of In The Circle as we officially are in a game week for Division 1. First, we catch up with our great friend ESPN’s Amanda Scarborough, who surveys the landscape of the Power 5 conferences. What team in the SEC is catching her eye for 2023? Which teams have the best chance to knock off Oklahoma? Who can make it to Oklahoma City?  

Afterward, we go through the rest of college softball with Extra Inning Softball National Editor Justin McLeod as he and Eric Lopez hit on each conference in the nation. From the American East to the West Coast and all leagues in between, they share their thoughts on each league with some surprising thoughts.

Make sure to head over to the In The Circle YouTube page to watch our Season Preview Extravaganza, which took place Saturday night, and see who we have going to Oklahoma City

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