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Diamond Kinetics PitchTracker Offers New Insight

In writing this, we wanted to offer our readers a perspective on a product from the parent/coach. Recently we were able to use and test the Softball PitchTracker by Diamond Kinetics. First off, what is it? It is probably best to use their description. PitchTracker Softball’s cutting­-edge technology brings science­-based motion analytics to fastpitch softball. Easy-to-understand metrics, data, and pitching analysis give you powerful information right at your fingertips.

So, what exactly does that mean for you the parent or coach? Spin is a critical aspect of pitching in softball, being able to track that spin can provide coaches and players with invaluable feedback. Something we cannot get with a radar gun or by just watching. PitchTracker not only allows you to see the spin axis, but it also measures the rotation. You get both a visual and numerical result. These two data points will enable you to show the player the data in a way they have never seen before. The ball also tracks velocity and can be paired up with video you take within the free App.

We have been using the ball for a few weeks, not in every throwing session, but for part of one weekly session. The feedback the ball offers has been beneficial, especially with a young player. It shows her when her “snap” is off and when it is on. Also, feedback on the axis (similar to tape on the ball), is beneficial for a young player.  The ball also tracks velocity which again for a young player is useful since we are spending a fair amount of time on overall arm speed which plays a significant role in velocity. This data along with the video offers players great visual feedback.

Next, we worked with a college level pitcher. For the more advanced pitcher, the data and how it is absorbed is a bit different. Advanced pitchers need to focus on details. The small things do matter to them. A drop or riseball slightly off axis can mean the difference between a strikeout and home run. Being able to see and chart the rotation consistently can help improve their effectiveness significantly. A coach can also chart the pitches within the App now combining, data with video with location.  All of this together not only can save valuable time but act as a real-time teaching tool for the player.

All in all the PitchTracker is an innovative tool that supplements a pitchers training. No matter the age of the pitcher, this product can help with development and fine-tuning.

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