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FPN Events, in partnership with AthPro360, provide an incredible opportunity for serious softball players looking to play collegiate softball. The Player ID Camps are uniquely designed to assess and evaluate a player’s athletic ability and skill level while working directly with college coaches in a variety of training sessions. Based on the results of these ID Camps, players are eligible to be invited to various showcase events to get exposure to colleges from across the country that match each players skill and athletic levels.

But wait, there’s more!

FPN will integrate all data collected from these events into our Super 60 team rankingsTop Prospect player rankings, national leaderboards, and featured content. This expanded use of event data will provide college programs an industry-leading solution to the challenges faced with changes in the recruiting rules by providing credible data and objective evaluations on prospective athletes.


Objective Data

We receive complete athletic performance and skill performance data on each athlete. This includes the player’s athletic index, skill index, national ranking, and current level of play.

Qualified & Verified

By assessing a player’s skill and athletic performance measurements, we can provide predictive placement analyses. Players are required to complete a comprehensive profile including all academic information and college preferences.

Predictive Placement

Our patent-pending predictive placement algorithm determines a players potential level of play and suggests college matches and geo-locations that fit their profile.


Showcase camp and event directors send us detailed information on their upcoming events including athlete profiles, college scouts attending, etc.

Colleges & Scouts

What makes our matching system so unique is that we work in tandem with colleges/scouts who create their own recruit profiles detailing the player types they need to recruit including criteria such as, grad year, height, position(s), test points, GPA, and much more.

Match & Connect

We send information on players that match up to events to the event directors who then invite the players. We send that information to the college coaches with player information that match their needs and the upcoming events the player will be participating in.


FPN has partnered with AthPro360 to administer tryout events. Once a player gets evaluated, we will assess the player’s performance using the the objective and verified data gathered by AthPro360 to determine if the player is ready to move into the recruiting cycle or continue forward with a clear development plan.


Get Evaluated

Attend an FPN Player Athletic Testing event to receive verified athletic scores, index, and video.

Complete Player Locker

Create a professional Player Locker in AthPro360 to present all information, stats, pics, videos, and more to college coaches and the FPN Selection Team.


The FPN Selection Team will use the scores obtained from the Athletic Performance Testing and other available information to invite players to attend any upcoming FPN ID Camp. The FPN ID Camp is a 6 hour camp that allows a player to showcase their abilities.

Players attending the ID Camp will receive:

  1. Athletic Testing scores
  2. Skill Evaluation report from three independent and trained evaluator
  3. A library of action clips from each drill at the Camp
  4. A 6 hour skill and instructional camp
  5. All data, reports, and action clips from the Camp are showcased to college coaches

Players from FPN ID Camps will be eligible to be invited to one of our various partner’s showcase events. These data-driven recruiting events will be tailored to each player’s abilities. Colleges around the country will be invited to events that have the most qualified players matching their recruiting profile.



USA ScoutWire camps have a measurable index involved. There are kids that flat-out pass the eye test and there are kids that will test high in all the categories and put themselves on the radar. The opportunities for this are endless. Having a measurable system to identify kids is key in today's recruiting. The difference with this system compared to others is that this will give kids and coaches a gauge where they are today and work to get better in categories that may test low.


Too many times players look good but its relevant to who they are playing versus now we will know they are playing against top competition at the level they measure up to. Pure win-win for all players and college coaches. Can’t wait to see these in action.


The concept of testing on a consistent basis is watching a girl improve her game over a period of time, giving colleges real-time evaluations via the web will really change the ID Camps game. If a player has scored high enough to make day two their stock has already risen, compete against the best and their stock will continue to rise. Current showcases do not challenge for the most part nor care, for the most part, there are exceptions! A true testing leading to elite games played is a concept that will be the future of recruiting as it should be!


The structure of the camp with players competing who have been tested and qualified at their skill level, it's sometimes hard to watch skills camps when the players are not equally matched against each other. The opportunities from these events will include player confidence and a better understanding that a player can have on what it takes to play D1 softball if that’s their goal. College coaches are scouting players that are qualified for the level they are requiring, removes the guessing game. The main difference is the qualified athlete competing against other qualified athletes. Softball is a very statistical game.


This type of camp elevates the "objective" and decreases the "subjective" sides of recruiting. This will allow college coaches to target athletes quicker and more accurately. The accuracy of AthPro's testing platform will enhance an athlete's opportunity to be seen by the college coaches that need them. This will streamline the recruiting process for the athletes and the college coaches. The camps and showcases should be a good indicator of competitiveness and heart.


Current showcases have teams on fields playing each other. With these ID camps, the players separated by talent level playing in front of colleges that are looking for kids of their talent. The games will be very competitive and the coaches will be watching players that are relevant to their level of play. Everyone wins in this situation.


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