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ASA Softball in the 1960s

From its humble beginnings, the Amateur Softball Association (ASA) of America and USA Softball has become one of the nation’s leading sports organizations. As the association celebrates its past 80 years in 2013, numerous individuals have helped make ASA/USA Softball the nation’s foremost softball organization. Here, we salute those who played a vital role in the fourth decade of ASA/USA Softball’s history.

The 1960s

Milestones: In 1965, Oklahoma City was named the new ASA National headquarters. Also, the first International Softball Federation (ISF) Women’s World Championship was held in Melbourne, Australia with the U.S. taking second place. The first ISF Men’s World Championship was held the following year in Mexico City, Mexico with the U.S. winning the title.

via Amateur Softball Association of America (ASA).

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